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5 Reasons You Should Consider Dental Implants

by Andre Daniels

Unfortunately, some dental emergencies and oral health issues can cause the loss of an entire tooth - or several. When this happens, your options include getting a bridge, root canals and crowns, dental implants, or leaving the sockets empty. While all of these options are viable, many dental professionals believe that implants are the top solution. Here are five key reasons to consider dental implants for a severely damaged or missing tooth:

1. Implants can last a lifetime. Unlike crowns, bridges and dentures, implants tend to be permanent. Once they're in, there's usually no need for any additional adjustments. By contrast, many other missing-tooth solutions will require adjusting and maintenance over the years, and they don't always last for a lifetime.

2. They're more realistic. While leaving the tooth socket empty can cause a sunken look in the face, a dental implant helps to restore a seamless look of a complete set of teeth. A dental implant tends to be far more realistic-looking, natural and lifelike than most of your other missing-tooth options.

3. Preservation of surrounding bone. None of the other solutions do much to help prevent bone loss in the jaw or surrounding environment of the lost tooth; by comparison, dental implants actually help in preventing loss of bone in the affected area.

4. Preserving adjacent teeth. Just about every other missing tooth solution can lead to issues with the adjacent teeth, while an implant helps preserve them. For example, unlike a bridge, a dental implant functions entirely independent of all other teeth; if there is ever an issue with the implant, the surrounding teeth are not automatically affected.

5. Better health and well-being. In addition to the oral health benefits of dental implants, there are also benefits to well-being. Since dental implants last a lifetime with little to no maintenance needed, a higher level of peace of mind tends to result. Your overall comfort and quality of life is improved, and you'll feel more confident in social situations knowing that your smile looks natural.

Dental implants can bring a range of health benefits to anyone facing the unfortunate prospect of a missing tooth. Implants provide a natural-looking and permanent solution, preserving the surrounding bone and adjacent teeth. They may even bring more peace of mind and a higher quality of life. If you're faced with tooth loss, you should strongly consider a dental implant. Consult your dentist (Ballard Morgan DMD or another) for more information.