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New Approaches For Reducing Pain At The Dentist

by Andre Daniels

One of the worst things about going to the dentist is having to deal with the dread of coming pain. Fortunately, there are a few new approaches in dentistry that you can take advantage of for making your experience there less painful.

Dentist Spa

In many cases, pain is all about context and framing. You come to associate the familiar look and experience of the dentist's office with a hard time approaching, so you get anxious about it. The fact that you traditionally had to lie in the chair and do nothing while people drilled holes in your head was certainly part of this problem.

However, a new modern approach to dentistry includes plenty of ways to distract you from pain. Some dentist's offices offer flat screen televisions that you can watch during procedures, for example.

Many modern offices that favor this approach will let you bring noise-cancelling headphones or even provide some for you so you can only barely hear the drill as it works. If the sensations from the drill, including the sound, are dulled, then the idea is that it will be easier to distract yourself from the pain.

Some offices even use small massage chairs to help distract and keep you calm during the procedures.

Sedation Dentistry

If distraction and calming techniques aren't enough, another approach you can try is just to be unconscious during the whole procedure. This is what sedation dentistry is all about.

You can come into the office early in the morning, and then have the trained medical professionals there give you a sedative to put you out. Then, they can perform procedures on you all throughout the day while you are out from the sedative.

This way, you won't feel pain during the procedures at all. Additionally, this approach has the advantage of allowing you to take care of many multiple procedures all on the same day. This means that you don't have to spend weeks stressing out about each individual dental procedure in a row.

Instead, you can knock them all off in a single day. After all, the mental worry associated with going to the dentist's office is a pain all on its own. It's also been proven that anxiety can increase dental pain.

But, if you know that you won't have to experience the pain during the procedure by using pain free dentistry services, you won't feel as much anxiety about it, and this could help reduce the pain you feel after the procedure as well.