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3 Facts about Dental Veneers

by Andre Daniels

Dental veneers work great for those that have cosmetic issues with their teeth, and do not want to experience a lengthy procedure to correct the issue. By attaching a porcelain shells to the teeth, nobody will be able to tell what they originally looked like. Here are 3 facts about dental veneers that you should know about before getting the procedure done.

Dental Veneers Will Improve Your Teeth Immediately

If you have teeth that have gaps or are misaligned, braces are a cheap and effective way to correct the problem. The process can take years though, which is very difficult for some people to deal with, especially as an adult. Braces later in life can difficult to deal with due to the stigma that comes with them.

Thankfully, dental veneers can provide immediate results. Your teeth will be looking great by the time you leave the dentist office, without having to go through a long adjustment period to correct problems.

Dental Veneers Are Not Reversible

When you decide to get dental veneers, you are making a commitment to a process that cannot be reversed. The installation process involves shaving a portion off the outside layer of your teeth, and then bonding the veneer to it. It helps give your veneers a natural appearance, and not look as if there is something attached to your teeth.

While it is possible for veneers to be removed, it is not recommended. You will most likely experience tooth sensitivity since the enamel on your teeth will be exposed. The appearance will also look bad since your teeth had to be shaved down, potentially making your teeth look worse than before. These two factors could lead to having regrets about veneers if you want to get rid of them later in life.

Dental Veneers Need Replacement

Your new dental veneers will not last a lifetime, because they do break down over time. Expect to replace veneers every 10 years. If you take good care of the veneers, it's possible to get some additional life out of them.

The reason replacement is necessary is because the veneers will lose their sheen or change color. The old veneers will need to be drilled off to expose your original teeth, re-prep your teeth, take an impression, and create new veneers that will be applied. Temporary veneers may be necessary while your new veneers are being created.

By knowing these 3 dental veneer facts, you will have a better idea if veneers are best for you. Talk to a cosmetic dentist for more information.