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Dental Implants: Choosing Between Crowns & Overdentures

by Andre Daniels

Are you looking for the best way to replace your missing teeth? You can get artificial teeth installed on dental implants in the form of permanent dental crowns, or you can opt for removable overdentures. Find out below what you should know about dental implants with crowns and overdentures, as well as what you will have to pay if you get them.

How are Dental Implants Used for Permanent Crowns?

The most important step of securing crowns is making sure that the implants are properly installed. You must have strong jawbones to prevent dental implants from falling out. The dentist will give you an x-ray to determine if you need to undergo bone grafting for the dental implants. If your natural jawbones are healthy enough, metal post will be installed where you want missing teeth replaced with crowns.

Abutments will be places on the implants, as they will create an extension that the dental crowns can be attached to. Once the crowns have been attached, you should be able to use them just like natural teeth and won't have to remove them. Simply keep them clean like they are your natural teeth and they will last for a long time.

How Are Dental Implants Used for Removable Overdentures? 

Once dental implants have been installed in your jawbones, overdentures can be attached to them. Basically, overdentures are just like normal dentures but they have holes in them. After your implants are securely in your jawbones, holes will be created in the overdentures based on where the metal posts are.

The overdentures will be attached to the implants when you are wearing them and won't move around. You will have to take overdentures out each day just like with regular dentures, as they must be cleaned in placed in sanitizer to prevent a bacterial infection.

What Does it Cost to Get Dental Implants Installed?

A dental implant with a crown is estimated at $1,500 or more, depending on how many crowns you are getting to replace missing teeth. If you want overdentures and need more than one dental implant to keep the plate in place, you can expect to pay a minimum of $3,500 or more.

Getting dental implants is a good idea whether you want a permanent or removable replacement option for your missing teeth. Call and make an appointment with a dentist so you can get your dental implants installed to get your smile back!