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What You Need to Know about Caring for Your Toothbrush

by Andre Daniels

Many people know how important it is that they brush and floss their teeth. This is something that is ingrained in your head from a young age. However, even though people try to have good oral hygiene habits, they might not get the best brushing experience available because of certain things they do with their toothbrush. Here are a few brushing mistakes to avoid so that you can  get the most out of the process

Don't Store Your Toothbrush Flat

One mistake that many people make is laying their toothbrush flat after they use it. They might just rest it on the counter to be used again in a couple hours. This is a problem, and if you do it, it could be the reason that bacteria is growing so rapidly on your toothbrush.

When you store your toothbrush flat it traps the bacteria from completely drying off. You need gravity to pull the bacteria down off the bristles. Laying it flat will only cause them to stay there longer.

Putting Your Brush in a Drawer or Case

Another thing that people do is put their brush in a drawer or a case where it is not exposed to open air. The more moisture you have on the brush, the easier it is to breed bacteria. The air helps to dry it out and kill the bacteria off the bristles. Even though your brush may come with a case, only use that when traveling. While you are at home, you should keep it out in the open and stored upright.

Cleaning Your Brush in the Dishwasher

It is important that you clean your toothbrush. Since your brush is primarily used to clean plaque, bacteria, and germs off your teeth, they have nowhere to go but onto the brush. However, there are proper ways to clean the brush.

The ideal way to clean the brush is to soak it in a solution that will kill all the germs. Mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide should do the trick. You should soak it in the solution for at least 5 minutes. This will help to kill the germs. Even though putting it in the dishwasher will kill the bacteria, it will also damage the bristles. Having bristles that are worn down make for a very ineffective toothbrush. This is why you should avoid putting it in the dishwasher and soak it instead.

By doing these things you can keep your toothbrush in tiptop condition. For more information about oral health for you or your family, find a dentist through a website like