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Getting Same Day Dental Crown Treatments

by Andre Daniels

Cracking a tooth can lead to serious pain and serious problems. In order to solve those problems, you will need to see if your dentist can provide you with same day dental crowns. A dental crown is a cap that covers the hole or crack in your tooth, using materials like porcelain, metal-alloy and stainless steel. Think about these tips for same day dental crowns in order to fix your tooth. 

The benefits of getting same-day crowns

If you are considering getting same-day crowns, you will be glad that you did because of these benefits:

  1. The process is cleaner – When you get regular crowns, the dentist will typically take an impression, which can be messy and uncomfortable. But with a same-day crown, the dentist will map your gums and teeth digitally with no worry about discomfort.
  2. The process is far less time-consuming – You will be able to get in and out since it will take one appointment. By not having follow-up appointments, you won't miss as much time from work or have to take any paid leave.
  3. The teeth are very natural looking – There are many different shades and materials that you can choose from with same-day crowns in order to match it to your natural dentistry.

The process of same-day grounds

The first step for getting same-day dental crowns is to allow the dentist to take a digital impression of your teeth with a special machine and camera. Rather than manually cast an impression, the photograph will create an impression that will be used to craft a custom fit dental crown in the office that day. This happens rapidly, as the creation of your same-day dental crown can be done in approximately 6 minutes or less.

Speak to your dental professional for eligibility and costs

If you would like to receive same day crowns, your dentist will determine your eligibility based on a number of reasons. Things like severe discoloration, chipped and cracked teeth, weakened dental support and discomfort while eating are all potential reasons that you might be eligible for dental crowns. These prices vary greatly, as the exam might cost between $40 and $120, x-rays might cost up to $150 and the materials and treatment for the dental crown might cost anywhere between $500 and $2500 for each tooth. This will largely hinge upon the kind of dental insurance plan that you have as well.

Use these tips if you are considering getting same-day dental crowns. Click here for more information on dental crowns.