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4 Reasons To Get Your Teen Braces Besides Appearance

by Andre Daniels

The most common time period when a child gets braces is just before their teens or during their teen years, after their baby teeth have all fallen out and permanent teeth have taken their place. You may have a teen who is concerned about the appearance of their smile, such as crooked teeth, a gap in their front teeth, or misalignment of their bite. If you are reluctant to get your older child braces simply so they can improve the look of their teeth, consider these 4 other benefits of braces that may change your mind.

Better chewing

One key reason for getting braces is to correct the alignment of the upper and lower jaws, allowing teeth to connect more positively. This can help your child chew their food better, which in turn can assist in healthier digestion. If your teen has trouble pronouncing certain letters or sounds, their speech may also be improved by getting their teeth aligned.

Easier to clean

Straight teeth are much easier to clean and get debris and bacteria out of than teeth that are overlapped or crooked. You can help preserve the health and life of your teen's teeth by getting them braces at a younger age. Braces, along with a regular teeth cleaning routine, can improve your teen's oral hygiene, potentially for the rest of their lives.

Stronger teeth

Teeth that are straight and aligned properly have a stronger foundation in the jaws and can be less prone to chipping, becoming loose, or getting hairline cracks. This is due also in part to proper support from surrounding teeth, especially for the front teeth. Stronger teeth mean that you will be less likely to encounter other kinds of dental issues with your teen after they have their braces removed.

Better confidence

Finally, allowing your teen to get braces on their teeth can help build confidence in their smile that can lead to many successes in their adult life. As your child learns to love their new teeth, they can laugh, smile, and encounter new situations with ease, knowing they have healthy, straight teeth they can be proud of.

Your teenager may want to get braces simply to improve their smile, but you have plenty of reasons to get their teeth straightened that can benefit them for life. Talk to their orthodontist for more about this topic so your teen can start their journey to a healthier and more attractive smile.