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How Do Hollywood Actors Have Such Perfect Teeth?

by Andre Daniels

Hollywood actors tend to look perfect and glamorous no matter where they go or what they do, and this includes their teeth. Hollywood actors are renowned for having perfectly straight, even, and white-looking teeth, which can leave someone with even the healthiest teeth feeling like their teeth aren't up to par. The reality is, Hollywood actors typically aren't born with those perfect teeth, and they have to make an effort to make them look that way. The good news is, you can benefit from this, too. Read on to learn how those perfect teeth affect your perception of actors, how they get their teeth to look like that, and how you can too:

The White Teeth Affect

Healthy-looking teeth have a big impact on the way that you think about other people. Although you may not consciously realize it, healthy teeth - that is, straight, white, and even-looking teeth - give off the impression of health and youth, regardless of the rest of the person's appearance.

This belief is due to people recognizing potential mates and competitors based on their appearances. White, straight, and even teeth indicate that someone is young and hasn't been subjected to dental or gum disease and that they probably have good genetics. Although these statements may not all be true since people now have access to modern dental care, the perceptions are still often unconsciously present. Hollywood actors take advantage of this by increasing their charisma and good looks by making sure that their teeth look as perfect as possible.

The Secret

In years gone by, Hollywood stars would have had to have spent hours getting their teeth polished, evened out, and whitened. These days, veneers are the easiest way to achieve the same look without the cost and extreme time investment.

Veneers are tooth-shaped porcelain dental fixtures that can be adhered to the front of teeth. They're designed to give the wearer a perfectly straight and even set of teeth, and the color or shade can be chosen to ensure that the user gets the perfect white smile they're dreaming of. Rather than capping every single tooth or performing extensive dental procedures, veneers can simply sit on top of one's existing teeth and give the appearance of a perfect smile.

Getting The Same Treatment

Veneers are available to everyone at dentist's offices, and you can achieve the same look as a Hollywood star easily.

If you're interested in veneers, your first step is to visit a dentist to talk about them. Your dentist will listen to what it is you want, and from there, take measurements of your mouth and teeth. Then, the two of you will select the shape and size of the veneers you want so that your teeth are perfect for the size of your mouth. Then, you'll choose the shade that you want.

Your dentist will order your custom veneers, which will arrive at the dentist's office by mail once they're completed. Then you'll come back in and have them adhered to your teeth. By the time your dentist visit is done, you'll have a brand new, gleaming smile that will look just as perfect as the ones you see on TV.

Veneers can do a lot for a smile, whether you're a high-paid Hollywood actor or an average person just looking to boost your looks. Talk to a dentist about veneers to find out if they're right for you.