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Three Myths Related To Teeth Whitening And What You Need To Understand About These Myths

by Andre Daniels

There are many myths and half-truths out there related to teeth whitening. If you are looking to whiten your smile, you may have heard some of these myths or you may even believe some of them. Learning about these myths can help you to learn the truth about teeth whitening and decide how to go about whitening your teeth. Here are three of the top myths related to teeth whitening and what you need to know about these myths. 

Home Treatments Are Just as Good as Professional Treatments

One of the myths related to teeth whitening is that at-home products are just as good as those products that are offered by a dentist or cosmetic dentist. This is not true. While the products may have many of the same ingredients, the ingredients in at-home products are a lower percentage than those used in the office. Think about it like alcohol. Cheap vodka may only be 15 percent proof, while expensive vodka can be 40 percent proof, meaning it contain a higher alcohol content. The same is true with things like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in at-home versus in office gels and pastes. 

Professional Whitening Treatments Are Forever

The next myth in regards to teeth whitening that many people believe is that professional teeth whitening treatments last forever. This is not true. Your teeth can become stained again if you smoke, drink coffee or cola, drink red wine or eat or drink other foods that are known to stain the enamel. Avoid these items and take good care of your teeth to help your whiter teeth remain white for as long as possible. 

You Can Use Whitening Products As Frequently As You Want

The last myth is that you can use whitening products as frequently as you want. Many people think that they can avoid having stained teeth or yellow teeth if they use strips, gels or other whitening treatments often. Unfortunately, whitening products can strip your teeth of enamel, which can actually make your teeth look darker. Only use the products for as long as they are specified, and no more than two times per year. Consult with a dentist to determine how often professional tooth whitening can be done based on the condition of your teeth. 

If you are looking to whiten your teeth, it is best to talk to a dentist, like James V Bachman DMD. They can look at your teeth and gums and let you know if at-home treatments will benefit you or whether in-office visits are advised due to the staining on your teeth, how quickly you want the stains lifted and your desired whitening level. In office treatment is fast and easy, and is the most effective way to reach your brightest level of white in the shortest amount of time as possible.