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Clients Best Suited To Invisalign Braces: Would They Work For You?

by Andre Daniels

If you would like to get braces as an adult, but you want to avoid the whole "metal mouth adolescent" experience, you are probably considering Invisalign services. These invisible, removable braces are almost fun to wear, since no one else can tell that you are wearing them. However, these braces are best suited to certain patients. Check the following checklist to see if these braces are a good option for you.

Your Teeth Are Not Extremely Crooked

Teeth that are extremely crooked are much more difficult to treat with invisible braces. In fact, if you attempt to correct extremely crooked teeth with invisible braces, you may have to wear these braces much longer than you would if you wore the metal braces.  The other possibility is that the perfect smile you are after will not be the end result. Invisible braces are most effective for patients with only mild to moderate deformities of the teeth.

You Have to Have Excellent Oral Hygiene Practices

Even though you can pop these braces in and out of your mouth, you still need to have excellent oral hygiene practices. Because invisible braces are actually plastic trays that reshape your teeth, they snap in right over your teeth, which can hold food particles and sugary acids close to your teeth and gums if you do not brush. That results in more cavities and issues with your gums. If you frequently forget to brush and floss, then invisible braces might not be the right choice for you.

You Do Not Participate in Violent Sports

People who participate in boxing, martial arts, hockey, football, and other potentially violent sports cannot wear invisible braces. The braces would not sustain the impacts from these sports, nor would mouth guards for these sports fit over the invisible braces. That said, if you participate in sports that are milder and will not result in being hit in the face or having your face hit by something hard, then you can wear invisible braces without worry.

You Do Not Have Any Missing Teeth

Since invisible braces are made to fit over the teeth you have and snap into place, you cannot be missing any teeth. (Your wisdom teeth are the exception to the rule.) The invisible braces have nothing to snap onto in the areas where teeth are missing, and the force that these braces apply would accidentally push the remaining and surrounding teeth into the gaps of the missing teeth. You may need a dental implant for each missing tooth before you could use invisible braces.