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3 Ways To Pamper Yourself And Enhance Your Natural Beauty Before Your Wedding

by Andre Daniels

If you're set to walk down the aisle in less than a week, you should spend the next few days pampering yourself and enhancing your natural beauty so that you'll look and feel your best for the big day. Because it's such a special moment, you're going to want to look your best and feel confident in your appearance while walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, and celebrating the nuptials with all your loved ones in attendance.

Go to the Dentist to Get Your Teeth Whitened

You're probably going to spend most of the day smiling. After all, you're finally marrying the one you love. Because you're going to spend so much time smiling and lots of people will take photos of you on your wedding day, it may be worth it to have your teeth whitened at the dental office. Unlike strips and other at-home whitening treatments that take time, you can go to the office with slightly discolored teeth and leave in less than an hour with teeth that are noticeably whiter. Many dentists use a peroxide gel solution on the teeth that lifts years' worth of stains, leaving you with teeth that look healthy, bright, and clean.

Visit the Spa to Get a Facial

If you're going to wear makeup for the wedding, you should consider going to the spa and getting a facial before the big day. An aesthetician may offer a variety of different facials for you to choose from, which may include using ingredients that treat blemishes, clean out pores, and fight aging signs. After the facial, your skin may feel a lot smoother and look a lot healthier. When your face is exfoliated and smooth, the foundation and concealer you use for the wedding day will look a lot more even on the skin, leaving you with such a flawless appearance.

Take a Trip to the Salon For Some Dye or a Root Touch-Up

Don't forget to schedule a quick appointment with your stylist. If your hair is dyed, you may need something as simple as a root touch-up to cover your natural color or any gray strands that are starting to appear. If you're not getting your roots touched up, you may want to have your hair dyed a completely different color or have highlights added to the color you currently have.

Spend time pampering yourself before your big day. Consider getting your teeth whitened at the dental office, going to the spa for a facial, and getting your hair dyed or touched up. You deserve to look and feel your best on such a special day and these are some of the different things you can do to make sure you're feeling fantastic and looking even better.