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How To Keep Your Gums Healthy With Less Waste

by Andre Daniels

Being aware of your oral health doesn't have to conflict with worrying about the future of the planet. If you consider yourself to be eco-minded, there are definitely great ways to clean between your teeth and to improve the health of your gums that don't require throwing away floss. Here are a few ideas you can try to improve your overall oral health without adding as much to the waste pile.

Interdental Brushes

Interdental brushes are like miniature toothbrushes that are designed to clean between your teeth. They do a very good job of brushing away food debris and plaque, and when used regularly, can help to keep your gums healthy and to prevent cavities.

Interdental brushes do eventually need to be thrown away, like standard toothbrushes. However, you can easily recycle the plastic handle, and some companies even offer to recycle the brushes themselves if you mail them back to the company.

Water Flosser

Using a water flosser is an especially great way of protecting the environment while maintaining good oral health. Water flossers use a high-pressured blast of water to get rid of the plaque and debris between your teeth. They've been shown to be very effective at improving gum health, and can be used over and over again without needing to replace anything.

After many months of use, most water flosser companies will tell you that you should replace the mouthpiece so that you have a clean and accurate flow of water every time. You can rest easy knowing that these tips are usually recyclable.

Brushing Technique

Finally, the last tip doesn't require buying anything new at all: you simply need to change how you're brushing your teeth.

Brushing your teeth is always helpful for maintaining your oral health, but how you do it can vastly change the efficacy of the practice. For example, you should always use as little pressure as possible. Too much pressure can damage your enamel, harm your gums, and wear down your toothbrush so it doesn't fit as easily between your teeth.

Furthermore, make sure that you're moving your brush in circles when you brush. Going from side to side alone will typically leave the space between your teeth neglected by the majority of the bristle. Going in circles lets the bristles really get in between teeth and does a better job of keeping things clean.

With these tips, you can cut down on the amount of floss you're introducing into landfills and be more ecologically friendly while still protecting your oral health. Talk to a dentist if you have further questions on your gum health and how to keep it in good shape. Visit a site like for more information.