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Tips To Help You Adjust To Removing Invisalign Trays

by Andre Daniels

There aren't many complaints about Invisalign – considering the alternative is wire braces, difficulty removing the Invisalign tray is nothing. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you remove your Invisalign tray without any trouble.

Pay Attention to the Dentist's Instructions

The dentist or dental assistants will show you exactly what you need to do to remove the tray. Pay attention when he or she shows you what to do. He or she has worked with Invisalign wearers and will be able to provide you with the best information on removing and caring for your Invisalign trays.

Swish with Warm Water                                                                

Heating up the Invisalign tray will help to make it more pliable – which means that it will be more flexible and easier to remove. Swish warm water for a minute or so before you try to remove the tray. Once the tray has softened a bit, you'll be able to get it off of those back teeth much easier.

Wear Rubber Gloves

It can be hard to get a good grip on the tray, but if you wear rubber gloves while working to remove the tray, you'll have a better grip on it. You can pick up a box of gloves for next to nothing, and they will help remove the tray.

Use a Tool

You can ask your dentist about the little tool that he or she uses to remove the trays from his or her patient's teeth. Alignment hooks are pretty cheap and easy to find. The hook is positioned just under the edge of the Invisalign tray and used to pop the tray off of your teeth. This tool comes in very handy, especially during the first few days of wearing a new tray.

Don't Panic

You might feel yourself getting a bit panicked and overwhelmed when the tray won't come off as easily as you'd hoped. If you feel anxiety levels increasing, stop what you're doing, walk away, and come back to try removing the tray in a little bit. It can take some time to adjust, but if you panic, things will only get worse for you.

Talk to your dentist and let him or her help you with your struggles. Chances are you'll not have this trouble for long – you'll adapt to wearing and removing your Invisalign tray and probably chuckle at how much you worried when you first started using it. Before you know it, your teeth are going to be straight and your smile beautiful.