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Amusement Parks And Dentures – Tips To Help You Have Fun Without Losing Your Dentures

by Andre Daniels

If you wear dentures, just the thought of spending the day at an amusement park can be a bit unsettling. The truth is, your dentures should never prevent you from taking part in any kind of family fun. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you get through a day at the amusement park without any issues with your dentures.

See the Dentist If You're Having Problems

If you've been battling with poorly fitting dentures, it's time to stop messing around and get back to the dentist to find out why the dentures aren't fitting properly anymore. Chances are high that the denture will need to be relined so that it will fit and stick to your mouth the way that it should. Over time, the shape and size of your mouth changes—unfortunately, the dentures don't. So, if your dentures feel like they've become too large for your mouth and you can't bite into things without the back popping out of place, it's time to get them relined.

Use an Adhesive Relining Pad

At your local pharmacy, you'll be able to find adhesive relining pads. These are a one-time use item that will help your denture fit much more securely in your mouth. You just have to remove the backing, apply it to clean, dry dentures, put it in your mouth and press it firmly in place. Quality relining pads will last the entire day without you losing your teeth.

Keep Denture Glue Handy

Denture glue is easy to carry around with you, so make sure to always keep a tube in your pocket when you go to an amusement park. Since you'll be riding thrill rides, eating all sorts of food, and just having a good time, the adhesive can break lose through the day and need to be reapplied.

Tip: Keep some wet-wipes in your pocket or bag with the denture paste. This will allow you to go to a bathroom stall, wash your hands, remove your dentures, apply the glue and put them back in place without a bunch of little kids gawking at you in the process.

The truth is, if your dentures fit properly, going to an amusement park shouldn't scare you in the least—it's when they don't fit that you have to worry about losing them from the top of the fastest coaster in the state as you scream your way to the end.

For more information on dentures, ask your dentist.