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How Important Is Tongue Cleaning?

by Andre Daniels

The health of your teeth and gums is very important if you want to keep a healthy smile for the rest of your life, but did you realize that tongue cleaning is also an important part of good oral health? Many people fail to recognize the importance of tongue cleaning, and therefore, they may skip this important part of their daily oral habits.

Why tongue cleaning matters

The health of your tongue can affect the health of your teeth and gums, and this is primarily because of the texture and makeup of the tongue. The tongue is soft and porous. When the tongue is dirty, it can cause bad breath, and it can harbor bacteria and plaque. Cleaning the tongue each day is the only way to ensure that you are removing all the bacteria and plaque it contains, and doing so will prevent your tongue from contaminating your teeth.

Ways to clean your tongue

There are several different methods you can use to thoroughly clean your tongue each day, and utilizing all of these methods will provide the most comprehensive cleaning for your tongue. The first is to brush it with your toothbrush and toothpaste. This will clean your tongue the same way you clean your teeth. Secondly, you could add the use of a tongue scraper each night. This is a small tool that you rub across your tongue to scrape the bacteria and plaque away. Finally, rinsing out your mouth once a day with a mouth rinse product will also help kill bacteria found on the tongue.

The benefits of cleaning your tongue each day

Keeping your tongue clean will offer several key benefits. The first is that it will help you have fresher breath. If you struggle with halitosis, this is a great oral activity to begin doing each day. Secondly, keeping your tongue clean can reduce the risks of decay on your teeth. When you clean your tongue and remove the plaque and bacteria, your teeth will not be exposed to as much plaque, which will automatically reduce the risks of cavities forming in your mouth.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can keep your tongue, teeth, and gums cleaner and healthier, make sure you visit a dentist every six months for a routine checkup. While there, talk to him or her about steps you can take for keeping your tongue clean.